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Wedding Picture Adeline Bertha Augusta Schurz Fromberg & Heinrich Freidrich Wilhelm Fromberg

Adeline's Attic Quilts  was inspired by my Great Grandmother,

Adeline Bertha Augusta Schurz Fromberg.


     I began creating different crafts around the age of 8ish. I would visit my Great Grandmother’s house who would have an embroidery, crochet or needlepoint  project waiting for me. I would, most of the time, mess it up and need to redo! After all the years of different hobbies like making the key chains with beads, a Concho, and suede laces and jewelry making, I finally remembered the sewing skills my Great Grandmother had taught me. I now put those skills to use creating quilts and quilted “things”. I have created this website with fond memories of my Great Grandmother, Adeline Bertha Augusta Schurz Fromberg. She was married in Chicago in 1912 and lived in a 2 flat in Chicago with my grandparents and her 2 sons. It was in this 2 flat that I would venture into a huge attic and try finding some new treasure, different from the last time I was up there. This is how I created the name Adeline’s Attic.


 Adeline out lived all 3 of her sons and her 1 daughter; 1 died of a heart attack, 1 from emphysema, 1 from cancer (my grandfather), not sure how the daughter passed.  Adeline died at the age of 95. 


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My name is Anita Jo Ferrero Pacheco, I make handmade quilts. I live in Illinois with my very supportive husband! This hobby is quite an investment.

My style is more traditional, I do my own quilting (free motion).   All of my quilts are made with 100% cotton fabric purchased from quality, local quilt/fabric shops. I use Quilter's DreamWarm and Natural and other cotton only batting.

 If requested, I will take a quilt to a Longarmer for the cost of the service.

 My website dispalys the projects that I have made.  I sometimes have quilts for sale and I will post them on this site, most are customer requests or gifts I have made. 


*  I am a member of Quilts of Valor, please see quilt and information below.


I belong to American Quilter's Society.


I have aquired a new machine with embroidery capabilities (see baby quilt)! So much fun!!


See my new projects listed below! Don't forget to visit my quilt gallery for past projects.


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Adeline's Attic Quilts  was inspired by my Great Grandmother,

Adeline Bertha Augusta Schurz Fromberg.


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